Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plan - Recertification

Recertification training is required for a person who is unable to provide verified currency within the past 12 months for Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plan.

This recertification course will enable you to create Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) as well as design, select & modify Traffic Control Plans (TCPs) which are also known as Traffic Control Guidance Plans (TCGPs) & conduct inspections.

To Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plans in NSW it is a Roads & Maritime (RMS) requirement that you hold a current Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plan Photo Card. and this cards is valid for 3 years.

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Course Title Prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plans Recertification
Cost $450 including RMS card
  • Training & Assessment on Men At Work’s sites
  • RMS issued cards and certificates
Duration 1 day (7.45am – 4.30pm) in a classroom and practical environment plus preparation
Location 4/6 Belah Road, Port Macquarie
Delivery Mode Face-to-face
Career Outcomes This course is appropriate for those working in a management role or as a technical specialist, preparing and documenting work zone traffic management plans within civil construction.
On Completion Successful participants will be given a Statement of Completion on completion of the course. They will then receive RMS issued cards within 3 weeks of training.

* Note – this is not nationally recognised training.

Description This course covers the preparation, documentation and completion of work zone traffic management plans in Civil Construction. It includes planning for the preparation, undertaking preparation, finalisation of the preparation processes and supporting the application of the preparation.

The PWZTMP Recertification training incorporates the following:
• Content and qualification refresher information (classroom) for TCP and TMP development
• A range of simulated workplace practical activities that require the participant to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to fulfill workplace requirements
• Participants must develop a TCP/TCGS based on a range of scenarios
• Participants must develop a TMP based on a range of scenarios
• Participants must undertake a risk analysis
• Participants must complete a comprehensive questionnaire that relates directly to the knowledge required to fulfill the workplace requirements

This is non-nationally recognised training.

Cancellation Cancellation fees apply if enrolments are cancelled within 3 days of the date of the course.
  • Participants must be 16 years of age or over
  • Participants were unable to meet the Renewal requirements for developing both Traffic Control Plans and Traffic Management Plans within the last 12 month period
  • Participants will be required to develop both Traffic Control Plans/Traffic Control Guidance Schemes and Traffic Management Plans within this course
  • Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment is to be worn (this is not provided by Men At Work Training & Assessment). This includes steel capped boots, long pants, long sleeved shirt, wide brimmed hat and sunscreen. Hi-visibility vests will be provided.
Participants will be asked for the following information
  • USI number
  • Personal details
  • Have you completed this course or a similar course in the past?
  • Do you have any other experience related to the course of study?
  • Do you have any physical or mental barriers that will affect your ability to participate in the training and how can we adjust our delivery to ensure you are able to participate in the training?
The following pre-course work will be sent to participants on enrolment, this needs to be completed and returned to the trainer on the course start date
  • Language, literacy and numeracy questionnaire
  • Supporting Evidence/ Skills Recognition to be completed by your supervisor or manager

Please contact our office for course dates – Ph 02 6581 4600


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